Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun Cat Toys to Play with your Cats

I have found that cats change over time and so does their preference of toys. But I will share with some of the toys that they have found the most exciting.

The first one is the turbo ball. Sometimes they both played with it at the same time. That was really cool. It usually began with me playing with one of the cats and then the other cat took an interest to see what was going on.

They also like the top of this one; it offers some scratching time fun too.

One of their longest lasting toys as popularity goes is the Cat Dancer Charmer. There is soft fleece like fabric on the end of a wand. Both cats enjoy going after the colorful strip of fabric whenever a human is holding the other end, and dangling it around.

One of our cats also enjoys dragging the Cat Charmer around. She'll take it up the stairs, down the stairs, into a room where I'm sitting, etc. Then she meows loudly to let us know that she brought us a gift.

The third one is rather simple and does not require any special purchase. Find a lid from a soda or water bottle and toss it on the floor. Our cats have loved batting these little lids around. When they bat them just right, they can also pick them up by the edge and carry one around.

The other money saving toy is a brown paper bag. Open one up, preferably one that the cat can fit in to, and lay it on the floor. Then just wait for the magic to happen.

Does your cat have a favorite toy that I didn't mention? Feel free to share with us in the comments.

Cheryl Paton
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