Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cat beds - location matters

Hello cat lovers.

We have several different types of cat beds in various rooms, throughout our house. In 2014, I purchased two new cat beds for Christmas presents. The two new ones were the same exact style and print. Both of the cats have laid in one bed multiple times, but not in the other bed.

I had gotten the new beds to replace some that weren't being used. One in particular was a larger bed. I thought it was all about the size and style. So I had purchased two smaller type beds, figuring they could snuggle in them better.

I placed this larger bed on the bench under the dining room table. My plan was to clean it up and donate it to the cat shelter. But lo and behold, once it was placed in this new location, Sunny has claimed it.

She has gotten in this bed on a daily basis since it's been moved. Who knew? Location must matter to cats.

So if your cat is not liking a particular cat bed, maybe try placing it in a new location.

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Cheryl Paton

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