Friday, March 20, 2015

Cute Cat Socks for Women

If you're like me, than your fashion sense includes cat socks. There's just something neat about putting on a pair of socks that features my favorite animal.

They latest pair that I got are from K. Bell from Amazon. They feature two cats sitting side by side, their tails entwined forming a little heart shape. One cat is blue striped and the other has pink polka dots. There paw prints are decorated in the same design.

I like socks from K. Bell and have always gotten good quality from them.

Another cat artist that I've purchased socks from is Laurel Burch. She has such a magical way of designing cats. This is a two pack of blue Indigo cats. I wear a size nine in shoes, and these socks usually fit me pretty well.

Another pair that I bought and recommend are these cute gray pastel socks that feature brown tabby cats holding heart shaped balloons. They look so fun and festive. The socks are comfortable too.

Hope you found some that are purr-fect for you. If you'd like to see more options, you can view more cat socks for women at Amazon.


Cheryl Paton

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