Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cat is dogs' best friend dog pet tags

I've heard it many times before, and perhaps so have you; they saying - "Dog is man's best friend."

I do beg to differ and also to ask the question, "Who is dog's best friend?"

My answer to who is man's best friend and who is dog's best friend, is the same, - a cat.

I've had both dogs and cats as a kid as I was growing up. Perhaps I developed a closer relationship with my cat, as she was a house cat and she would curl up in my lap, snuggle close by, and listen to all my ramblings with no judgment.

Most of our dogs were kept outside. So it might have been different were they inside dogs. But nevertheless, I and many others, claim cats as our best friends.

And I've seen many dogs also appreciate and love cats. I've seen them bathe kittens and snuggle up with the furry felines. Yes, some have had their differences and have argued over whose bed it is. But brought up together, they can also be the best of pals.

This custom pet tag is made of burnished silver and features an outline drawing of a cat, with the statement, "My best friend is a cat." It is UV resistant and has a waterproof coating.

It can also be customized with a phone number for ID purposes.

Do you have a dog whose best friend is a cat?

Cheryl Paton


  1. I never had cats and dogs at the same time. I have had many cats and dogs. I have had a zoo of animals in my life. I like the cats as a senior as it is easier to take care of them. I got a cat that had already been given a RFID tag. Because I could not contact the original owner, I could not transfer the id to my name. So I bought the nice shiny tag and had it engraved with the cat's name and my phone number. My 3 cats are indoor cats, if I ever move and need to do the ID tag I will again get a tag for them to wear. They have their Vet tags withe their shots but since they are indoor cats they don't need to wear them. Great information!

    1. Lacerose, thanks so much for commenting. I like what you said about have a zoo of animals in your life. We've had that as well at times. It is so helpful for outdoor pets to have tags. Our kitties are indoor cats too. Thanks for stopping by.