Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tortoise Shell Cat Postcards and Postage Stamps

Tortoise Shell cats are known for their black fur with blends of tan and beige.

This is a portrait that I did of our tortie, Sunny. It is pictured on postcards, with the greeting, Hello.

Some also have some white patches, and somewhat resemble a Calico.

Some Torties also have long fur.

Some Tortoise Shells have mostly gray fur. They are known as dilute or muted.

I have heard that tortoiseshell cats are quirky. Just like any other cat, they can certainly get in to things.

This is from a painting that I did of our tortie, Susie. She has since passed over, but certainly enjoyed living in style while she was here.

No matter their looks, or what they get in to, I love Tortoise Shell Cats. Actually, I love all cats!

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Cheryl Paton

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