Friday, August 9, 2013

Gifts for Cat Lovers and Plant Lovers

Sometimes cats and plants don't go together. After my mother had passed, we brought a bunch of the plants home. We left them in the house, along with our two cats, for a neighbor to care for, while we took my dad for a get away trip.

When we returned home, the cats were still alive, but they had pooped green, and not one of the green leavings were in the litter box. They had never missed before. We quickly learned our lesson and never brought flowers from the florist in to our house again. Any that were given to me after that, quickly found their home out on the front step.

Bringing you up to date, I had wanted to paint an abstract cat design, with flowers on it. Once I started, I realized that I should look up the plants, and make sure that they were safe for cats.

Yes, there are flowers and plants that cats can eat, and still be okay. Just make sure they don't come from a florist, etc., or any place that may add any coating.

Four of the non-toxic plants that I found were Gerber daisies, catnip, nasturtiums, and cereal grass. There were more listed, such as snap dragons, and a type of rose. I kept it to the first four for my painting.

The colors show up real nice on blue. Here, the painting is shown on tote bags.

The pillow looks great for both humans and/or cats to snuggle up with. The background color can be customized. Be sure to customize both sides.

If you want to share this info with your flower and cat lover friends, the info is ready on business cards. You and your friends can have a cute picture and the info handy on the back.

If you know of any other plants and/or flowers, that are safe for cats to eat, please add it in a comment. Please, just add the ones that are safe. Thank you.

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Cheryl Paton

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