Friday, August 23, 2013

Cat Face Tshirts, Sweatshirts, and Hoodies

Does your cat like to get up in your face? I know that ours do, especially our tuxedo cat. I know it's because she loves me. Perhaps that is why we like cats so much. I also like doing paintings of them.

This is a vignette portrait of our tuxedo cat printed on a tshirt. After clicking on the link, you can choose any shirt style, including sweatshirts and hoodies.

Our other cat is a tortoise shell. She likes to set the terms. She is not so much a face cat, but will sometimes lay in my lap, but usually she lays next to my legs. Sometimes, though, the two of them will want the same spot! : )

You can check out more of my cat shirts at CherylsArt on You can also choose a different style shirt, color, and/or size.

Wishing you a purr-fect day. : )

Cheryl Paton

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