Friday, July 12, 2013

Special gifts for cat lovers, cat mugs, cat poster, and cute bird rsvp postage

This is a special blog to celebrate other fine artists on Zazzle that are also cat lovers.

The first design is so dear; cats and birthdays make such a happy pairing on this card. The artist works with her pets, and pays them with treats for their work:

These adorable cats look so cute on a background of polka dots. The mug would be purr-fect for a cup of your favorite beverage:

This next mug reminds me that not all tabbies are lap cats. It seems appropriate that a large cat is on a larger mug:

This next item doesn't have a cat on it, but it reminds me of my cats. Sometimes our cats will be gazing out the sliding glass door, and birds will land on the deck and rail, and sometimes sing. As long as I keep the glass door closed, both birds and cats are happy. This RSVP postage stamp is a romantic choice for wedding invitations.

To finish off today's blog, is one of my favorite designs on a poster, to showcase my love of cats. It's a cat mandala pattern with hearts in the center, printed on posters. You can hang it and also color it in.

Thank you for stopping by. Do come again, and feel free to share this blog with your cat loving friends.

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Cheryl Paton


  1. This initiative of yours, Cheryl, is cat-egorically interesting!

    1. Thank you Dorin for that cat-tastic answer!