Saturday, June 22, 2013

The best litter that we like for our cats

We have two wonderful cats, a tuxedo and a tortoise shell. We have found that our cats prefer unscented litter. The other criteria that works best for us is clumping and low dust.

I've tried several different brands, and have found one that meets the all of our criteria. It is unscented, clumping, and also has very little dust. Yay. It's a winner for everybody, for both cats and people. It is Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat, Ultra. One of our local pet stores carries this brand but it wasn't always in stock; but I found out that it can also be ordered online, from Amazon. I actually prefer ordering it online now. It usually qualifies for free shipping, and it gets delivered to my house. I don't have to lug it out of the trunk of the car.

Before our current two cats, we used to have a cat that didn't dig. For her, a lighter weight litter worked out well. That one was also biodegradable. It was Essentials by Arm and Hammer. I think Target carries it, and you can also order it online:

If you can't find the brand you're looking for at a local store, it's easy to order online. Depending on how you order, the shipping may be free, and then it is delivered to your door.

Cheryl Paton

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