Monday, June 17, 2013

Do your cats like to chew? Chew toys for Cats.

When I was a kid, we often got chew toys for our dogs, but had never gotten them for our cats. Since then, I hadn't really ever given it any thought.

Then when our cat Sunny came in to our life, lo and behold, she likes to chew. I would hold a dog's little knobby bone out to her, and she would chew on it.

Here she is pictured enjoying a cat chew toy that actually has a knobby end on it.

It looked something like these; it had little knobs on it:

The next time I went to the pet store, I did find chew toys that were made for cats.

These chew toys are covered in a mesh, and have shoe lace like strings that come out from them. Both cats love chewing on these; but who knows where all they take them? So I've actually tied a couple of the chew toys up so at least some of them can easily be found.

They always seem more enticing while the catnip scent is still fresh. I did throw a couple in the laundry and washed them, they came out looking nice, however, they will take a sprinkling of catnip to get the cats interested in them again. That does work out pretty well, but not as well as when they are fresh from the store.

The chew toys for cats are usually soft, and have a textured layer to help clean their teeth. Some of them have little streamers and such attached, for added entertainment.

This one is pretzel shaped, and works better for adding catnip too; it has little crevices that help to hold the catnip in place.

These chew toys are usually a big hit with both of our cats, when new. Once they loose their catnip scent, our felines tend to prefer new ones. I've washed some in the laundry, and added new catnip to them, but they weren't as impressed with those. So we just replace the chew toys from time to time.

Sunny still likes chewing on the small knobby chew toys for dogs, too.

Cheryl Paton
is a cat lover.

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