Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cute Tuxedo Cat Gifts

Hi. My name is Muffin. I'm one of Cheryl's cats. I was sitting on her lap, enjoying the company. Next thing I knew, she slipped this dress on me. Cheryl thought it made a real cute birthday design.

I didn't move though. It felt like a snug hug. After she took some pictures, she took the dress off. Whew!

It wasn't that bad though. I really like Cheryl. She's like a mom to me. When I think of her, I usually think of peace.

Cheryl painted a picture of me in pointillism. I like pillows. Sometimes I lay on the pillow that's on the couch.

I like laying on blankets too. What do you think of this painting? I didn't even have to wear a dress.

I have a sister that they call Sunny. I wonder when Mom is going to paint a picture of her. Or put a dress on her. Oh yeah, paint Sunny, while she's wearing a dress. Oh yeah!

That's all for now. Gotta go and saw some zzzz's. Later.

Muffin sitting in for Cheryl
Look for more cat gifts at CherylsArt on Zazzle.

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